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Scouts grow and often bring lightly worn uniform parts to our meetings. These parts are available for any scout who needs a uniform. There is also some used back packs that are available to borrow for camping trips. Remember to return the favor when your scout grows or upgrades equipment.
2013- 2014 CALENDAR 
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Whats going on?
On March 26 is the Court of Honor where scouts get ranked up. You have to bring a dessert or a drink. The SPL, Peter, will explain more of what you need to bring. It is also friend of scouting night. On March 22 is scouting for food. March 26 Drug Awareness Program (scouts) at 7:45. It is project excel meeting. May 4 is the Pancake Breakfast at the church. Try to give out tickets to people to come and help out the troop. These are some events during the 3 months

The Next Flock

We had a great time recently having Eagle projects for Joey Ambrosio, Brandon May, and Ben Warren! Soon to do their projects are Nick Malico, Patrick Restivo, and Jonathan Hoey. We are all happy for our new Eagle scout Matt Mavrogian! Who May be next? paperwork and projects are under way please come out to help your fellow scouts!



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New Photos added
See Historic photos as well as albums from Yawgoog 2013 and other 2013 campouts in our Pictures folder.